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Without Limits families! 

My family has been involved with Without Limits since the very beginning in May 2018. Our daughter has high functioning autism and sensory processing disorder and has been able to explore her talents while learning new dance techniques. The director and staff are amazingly patient and compassionate with all of the dancers, regardless of their ability. Without Limits has given our little girl confidence and allows her to be herself. We will be lifelong members! 


Rachel, mother of Without Limits student

My daughter Chloe is 8 years old.  She has spent most of her life watching other children have fun.  She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy a little after her first birthday.  She needs assistance to feed, dress and go to the bathroom.  She uses a walker and is non-verbal.  She has spent most of her life going to doctors, therapy and watching from the sidelines.   

Without limits has changed all of that.  Chloe now has the opportunity to participate in dance with other children.  She has been taking dance lessons with this wonderful organization for over a year.  She participates in tumbling, pom, tap, and jazz with other children her age.  Each week parents are provided with an objective that includes not only the dance genre focus but also the skills that the lesson will focus on. 

 She is left out of none of the activity.  Without limits has helped with the development of her social, emotional and physical skills in a safe environment all while having fun.  Without Limits is more than a dance class for our family, it is an opportunity for our little girl to blossom into a confident child that can be herself in a friendly, nonjudgmental atmosphere.

Cynthia, mother of Without Limits student

Without Limits is more than a dance company. They have created a community of peer support and encouragement that is sometimes hard for these kids. My daughter enjoys every class and has gained so much confident she now wants to do a solo! The instructors and buddies are wonderful. So happy to have found this place.

Jennifer, mother of Without Limits student

My daughter Tobi has wanted to be a dancer since age 3. She has autism and a coordination disorder. In her head, she moves like a professional dancer. She knows each slide, jump and turn in every routine she has ever her head. Making her body do all of those things is hard for her. 

She took dance lessons for years but never fit in. When she was young, the girls jumped and talked around her and nobody cared that she was quiet and socially awkward. The older she got, the less kids tried to speak to her. She would stand in a corner waiting her turn without talking to anyone because they didn’t understand why she was so quiet. She was alone in a room full of kids. Also as she got older, her inability to do what the other girls were doing grew more obvious. They held her back but her last year, the girls and the teacher resented the fact that she couldn’t do the routine as well as the others. 

It broke my heart. She wanted to dance but she didn’t belong. I prayed for an answer. Then I saw a Facebook post about a dance class for kids like Tobi. I thought “’s going to be a play group where they throw balls and goof around but not really dance”.

But we went just to try it out....and from day 1, Miss Kati treated her like a prima ballerina. She complimented her, gave her tips, taught her new dance moves.... gave her confidence. 

Then more dancers started coming to class. And they were all like my girl— Special in their own way. And they didn’t care if she spoke to them. They were kind anyway. They hugged her, they danced like her. They didn’t care that she wasn’t perfect.....they built her up! She finally had friends! 

And seven months after Without Limits opened, my severely anxious autistic daughter, performed a solo ballet dance in front of 100 people. All because someone believed in her. 

Kati Melton-Hassall and her team of teachers have literally changed our lives. We feel like family when we are at her studio. They truly care. And in this mother’s eyes they are only one thing: an answered prayer.

Vicki, mother of Without Limits student